Lessons To Be Learned

Lessons To Be Learned

Never touch a hot stove! 
we taught our toddlers.

Don’t run with sharp scissors!
we warned our children.

Choose your friends wisely!
we cautioned our kids.

Don't talk to strangers!
we reminded each other.

Just say “No” to drugs!
We told our teens.

Seat belts are required!
our government demanded of us.

Smoking is harmful to health!
our scientists instructed us.

“Father, I cannot tell a lie!”
A boy leader declared to his dad.

Honest Abe earned his name!
by telling citizens the truth.

“Covid is nothing but a hoax!”
our president lied to us.

Half were fooled and followed!
but so many of us had to die. 
Photo by Bess Hamiti on Pexels.com

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