Wonderments and Such

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Wonderments and Such

Children should discover 
the tales of Robin Hood, 
Hansel and Gretel,
Snow White
and many others of course,
but also,

they need to visit beaches
and get down on their knees to play
in the sand. 
For it is there they will 
begin to imagine

how many uncountable 
grains of sand 
must cling to the edges 
of our world.

And thus, 
when they turn their
gaze to the night sky 
they will also
how many stars 
must torch all corners 
of our Universe.

And so too, 
these story tellings,
these imaginings, 
these wonderments,
will help them 
peek inward
and examine themselves
with a much greater
sense of humility.
. . . j

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