When A Man Goes His Own Way

When A Man Goes His Own Way

Mother and Child struggled alone—
robbed of all hope by he. 

His heart built of chill and stone—
never looked back, did he.

Mother and Child had it rough—
abandoned and shunned by he.
Composed of sturdier stuff—
scrimped and found smiles, did she.
But missed his strong loving arms— 
to help and hold, did she.

Weary each day, but up to the task—
Dug deep, resilient was she.

Where has love gone? she wanted to ask—
vowed and promised so often by he.

She was competent and clever—
never surrendered, made do, did she.

Her barren life imagined? Never!
author of heartbreak, was he.

She craved to hear his deep voice—
and loud laughter, did she. 

But silence offered no other choice—
cheerful songbird, became she.

Music and laughter arrived that day—
There was no other way.
Mother and Child, good as gold, they say— 
danced and sang and flourished, did they!
. . . j

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