Fare Thee Well

Photo by Dick Scholten on Pexels.com
Fare Thee Well

A slight rise in the earth,
a gentle knoll near the school’s entrance,
marks the spot where we
gather on this most happy day—
the remnant hour of another school year,
to wave good-bye
(God be with ye, Child)
(We did our best.)
to our charges, their heads stuffed with us, 
Colts to pasture, now set free,
to cavort and buck as they please.
And we, stern taskmasters all, discover 
our smiles once more,  

cast off our titles, Mr. or Ms.,
to become again, simply,

Barb, Phil, and Marv; 
Dale, Terri, and Dean;
Mik, Rin, and Debbie; 
Carolyn, Doug, and Ted; 
Dawn, Frankie, and Alexa;  
Arlys, Joan, Roland,
and all the rest.
Amid the deafening roar of honking buses 
pulling away, young faces appear tight to the	windows, frantic waves, joyful smiles, tears, 

and the occasional flagpoled

middle finger.
. . . j
from the Childhood Remedy and Other Such collection

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