A Roofer’s Story

                                A Roofer's Story

                                If you miss me when I am gone,
				Know this—

				Every home is topped by a roof
				That sheds the rain,
				That mutes the sun,
				That slows the wind.

				I climbed the ladder,
				I shouldered the load,
				I nailed the shingles.

				Every home is topped by a roof
				To blunt
				The rain, the sun, the wind

				That comes with life,
				That comes with death,
				Remember me thus—
				I danced the roof.

                               From the Senses and More Such collection

                               . . . j	

One thought on “A Roofer’s Story

  1. Thank you, Uncle John, for such a lovely poem written to honor my brother. I shall do my best to read it beautifully at his service today. Love, Becky


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