A Refresher Course

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
A Refresher Course

Keep. (verb)
She kept her distance from others.

Sleep. (verb)
She slept in cotton jammies.

Sweep. (verb)
She swept the kitchen floor.

Deep. (adjective)
Rivers are not dept.
She leapt the deep river. 

Weep. (verb)
Yes. She wept a torrent of tears.
Ha! Not weepest.
Save to a Medieval poet.

Steep? (adjective)
Hills are not stept.
Jill, and her boon companion, Jack,
climbed the steep hill to fetch
a pail of water..

Creep. (verb) Our English teacher 
crept about the classroom.
But not on little cat’s feet
 like fog.

Creep. (noun) Our English teacher 
teacher is a crept. 
No. But, during 
tests he creeps about. 

What have we learned today?
Nothing of great import, but what our eager 
ears taught us long ago and our fresh minds 
put in proper order.

Go thy merry way then and be kind to all.


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