Gunslinger 101

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on
Gunslinger 101

Gunslinger 101

Recent school shootings
have prompted some 
otherwise, normal citizens 

to urge school officials  
to encourage and force
classroom teachers

to arm themselves 
and bravely
defend their students. 

Imagine this—

a maniacal gunman, 
shielded behind a wriggling
armful of 15- year-old Jennifer,
reduces the blackboard
to shredded chips 
of powdered rubble

with his AK47 killing machine.

Meanwhile, the teacher 
patiently waits to get 
a clear shot off

at the shooter’s forehead, 
just above Jennifer’s shoulder,
without grazing her ear, 

so that the intruder might
experience firsthand 
the finality of death.

Despite the teacher’s lack 
of Seal Team training,
of marksmanship, 
or warfare in general,

he stands firm amidst chaos,
and the shrieks of terror,  
not daring to seek shelter 
for fear the shooter might 
touch Jennifer improperly.

His best option seems 
to be to let the crazed gunman
blaze through endless rounds 
of ammo,

until the local Swat Team 
can swoop in, 
arrest the shooter,
rescue Jennifer, 
and answer questions 

much later.


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