Had i but

known by heart,

lo those

many years ago,

Romeo's scathing words

aimed at the anguished


"I give you poison,
You give me none."


God be my witness,

i would have taken


as my second language,

and been a better man

for it.

Under Repair

Under Repair
She had dreams just
as big as yours - 

of college -
fine clothes -
a useful career -

grabbed her heart
that junior year.

A boy told her

he Loved her

and she was
enough (then)
to believe his
thinly sliced

Promises and
Kisses and

The upshot,

(surprise, surprise)

a baby girl
came along,
perfect in every way.

The boy, drifted away,
a small boat, unmoored.

So there was no 
high school graduation

strut across the stage,
or cartwheels 
with diploma in hand, 
or proud parents beaming.

Home alone that 
celebratory evening,
her daughter fussy
and running a fever,
bottle bubbling
on the stove,
and later, when the baby
finally fell asleep,

She, our dropout,
stood before the mirror
imagining a glorious
satin cap and gown,

tassel flipped to one side,

she saw herself, 
standing beside a dusty road
dressed in sloppy jeans,
hard hat,
and fluorescent vest
holding a



at fifteen bucks an hour

that she wished she had


way back when. 
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When A Man Goes His Own Way

When A Man Goes His Own Way
Mother and Child struggled alone—
robbed of all hope by he.
His heart built of cold and bone—
never looked back, did he.
Mother and Child had it rough—
abandoned and shunned by he.
Composed of sturdier stuff—
scrimped and found smiles, did she.
She missed his strong, loving arms—
to help and hold, did she.
Weary each day, but up to the task—
Dug deep, resilient was she.
Where has love gone? she wanted to ask—
vowed so often by he.
So competent and clever—
women make do, like she.
Her barren life imagined? never!
caused loneliness, did he.

 But divorce offered no other choice—
cheerful songbird, became she.
Music and laughter arrived that day—
there was no other way.
Mother and child, good as gold, they say—
danced and flourished, did they.

Childhood Remedy

Childhood Remedy

To be young and unfettered

with the burdens
and troubles
of life

is a most precious slice
of fleeting time.

The clock is ticking!

A cloud's nimbleness!
A flower's innocence!
Curiosity on fire!

The need and desire to

climb towering trees,
dive into summer lakes,
build warrior forts,
chase older brothers,
tease freckled sisters,
and giggles without cause,

are the enterprise of children.

Leave them be.
Celebrate them.
Forgive them.

Time will cure them

soon enough.