Bygone American Lingo

Bygone American Lingo
morning, Tom. how goes it?

good as gold. what’s new?
not a thing. ‘nother hot one, looks like.
need some gas?
 fill 'er up, will yuh?

you bet. check the oil?

‘preciate it.
you're down a quart.

not surprised. these Chevys do like oil.
better add some 10-30.

okeedokee. let me check those tires too. 
right rear looks a bit low.

thanks. it’s the dang potholes. 
no end to ‘em.
lemme get that windshield.

what do i owe yuh, Dave?

handle a twenty?

think so. you collectin’ green stamps?

wife is.

i'll get you some. be right back.

here you are, Tom. fifteen-fifty and the stamps.

thanks, Dave.
have a good one.
will do. you too.
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