Solitary Confinement

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Solitary Confinement

Let's Pretend 
cannot touch me here, 

In my imagination. 

There are no mandates, 
no quarantines, 
no needles, 
or masks. 

It’s a place filled with 
delightful and dangerous 


a soaring hawk,
a magic carpet, 
an enemy fighter pilot, 

breathing down my neck

. . . . j

Taken Hostage

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Taken Hostage

No matter
how determined i am
to tell my story,

the characters,
within a few pages,

untie my shoelaces,
hijack my mind,
blindfold my eyes,

and urge me down a path,

(spear point to the back)

neither Marco Polo,
nor Meriwether Lewis,
nor Google

have ever seen before.

. . . j
from the Wonderments and Such collection