Life and Death

Life and Death
The poinsettia has died—
I tried.
As best I could—
Anyone would.
Bathed in natural light—
Warm and bright.
Watered now and then—
Just say when.
More Christmas joy brought—
I thought.
Auld Lang Syne and table set—
“A cup of kindness yet.”
Cupid launched his missile—
Made lovers smile.
Easter’s promise. He cleansed our sins—
Everybody wins!
Saint Patrick listens to March say—
“Corned beef okay?”
Mother’s Day we all know—
Miss her so!
Memorial Day, too high a cost—
Brave lives lost.

July 4th’s quiet celebration—
Little enthusiasm in a wounded nation.

 The poinsettia has died—
I tried.
As for me—
What will be, will be.
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