A Morgue Encounter

A Morgue Encounter
There is a most primitive wailing sound— 
a stricken keening of utter despair—
a mother’s awful symphony 
of savage tongue,
throbbing throat,
and ruined heart.
Identity must be determined. 
A son? handsome youth cut down? 
A daughter? blooming beauty snuffed? 
Father, steeped in rage, refuses to go, 
preferring to drink himself numb, 
and lay blame at a careless God’s doorstep.
There lurks a hidden cavity,
a storage pocket of sudden death, 
murky beneath Seattle’s 
dark, wet streets.
An officer of laws for the living 
escorts Mother down a dim hallway 
to a large viewing window where
teenage boy lies in state under bright lights 
and hideous shroud of white sheet.
The blanched face revealed— 
Sightless eyes cannot see Mother,
Stopped arms cannot hug Mother, 
Silent voice cannot greet Mother,
Sealed lips cannot kiss Mother farewell. 
Comes the keening. 
Photo by Matthew T Rader on Pexels.com