My Pet Peeve

 Pet Peeve

I once had an
Airedale named

(or she had a human named John).

she was a 
splendid pet 
I sometimes

called Steve.

forgiving me 
that tremor
of the


Peeve came 
whenever a friend 
i needed to


she offered me, 
as all dogs must, 
unyielding loyalty,

bottomless love , 
unbreakable trust.
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Mr. Six O’clock Or So

 Mr. Six O'Clock Or So
When an orchard whispers

"The apples will be ripe in October,"

that is God's absolute truth,
and we may put our trust therein.

But, when a man calls to say

"I'll meet you in an hour,"

that is an estimate,
and we would be wise

not to confuse the two. 
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