Tree Talk

Tree Talk

"But soft," whispered one tree to another,
"Sometwo come this way."

"If  woodsmen," asked his brother,
"Will this be our final day?"

"They carry no weapons, chainsaw or axe,
perhaps young lovers, come to play."

"If so, they intend no harm upon our backs,
and are most welcome to linger stay."

"Like boats to safe harbor let them steer,
and make gentle love among us if they may."

"We counsel them to lay aside any fear,
 and enjoy only boundless joy, we pray.

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Toward the end of 6th grade,
on a school field trip, 

much larger than I, 

grabbed me hard by the throat 
and kissed me full on the lips. 

I recoiled in horror, and wiped my mouth of it. 

She’s gone now, and she never gave me another.

Some nights, late and alone in the dark,
I long for one more,

but, it was a once in a lifetime event.
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